About Us

Labaid is one of the largest and most recognized private healthcare brands in Bangladesh. Known for its pioneering works in setting-up the first super-specialty Cardiac hospital within country. Labaid is also widely acknowledged for bringing high quality diagnostic & specialized consultation facilities under a single roof through its now ubiquitous centers in all corners of Bangladesh. Around 2.1 million annual patient interactions, more than 5,000 employees, and upward of 800 consultant physicians countrywide.

Led by the visionary physician-entrepreneur Dr. A M Shamim. Labaid over the last 30 years - almost single handedly transformed the face of private, corporate healthcare in Bangladesh by providing quality platform for home-grown physicians and medical practitioners, by setting up centers of excellence, and in this process, gradually changing the collective mindset where people now believe that complex treatments like transplantation or cardio-vascular surgeries can happen with excellent outcome in Bangladesh by Bangladeshi doctors.

In its relentless drive to bring value to the people of this country, Labaid has further diversified into other sectors over the years: Labaid set up pharmaceutical plant to ensure supply of quality medicine for the masses; established tertiary-level education institutes to plug the gap in skilled human resources both for healthcare and other industries; built modern homes and infrastructure through Labaid Properties to give shape to people’s dreams; and created Labaid Agros to provide organic and quality foods for patients and customers alike.

Labaid is a name that inspires trust, an institution that people can turn to in fulfilling their everyday needs and aspirations. And Labaid on its part is extremely proud to live this dream and to achieve what it has achieved as it aspires ceaselessly to be a Home of Trust.