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Welcome to LABAID HEALTHCARE PLATFORM, which offers lifetime privileges and valuable services.

Special Benefits of Healthcare Privilege Card:

  • Documents Storage and Recovery:

All prescriptions and investigation reports will be stored and could be retrieved anytime and sent to email/ what’s app when necessary.

  • EMR Summary:

Labaid will create an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) summary with all medical data, which will help to ease consultancy and health care service in future. EMR summary can be downloaded from

  • Dedicated Patient Care Executive:

Patients can directly contact the dedicated patient care executive. Card will have a specific contact number of patient care executives for prompt assistance.

  • Personal Follow up and Assistance:

Dedicated patient care executives will contact patients for faster access to any healthcare needs like scheduling appointment, ambulance, telemedicine etc.

For more information and further assistance regarding LABAID HEALTHCARE,

Please contact with your dedicated executive or e-mail:

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